Who is this Edward

Thats me. Right up there.

Thats a great question. To answer that we have to go waaaay back. Okay, just kidding. I am a product designer and run a solo company called Edward V Design. I design and develop SaaS products for forward thinking startups and businesses.

I also am the father of two little munchkins, and husband to a very patient wife. I love waffles, coffee, doughnuts, tasty treats (you might be picking up on a theme here by now). I am a wanderer, always experimenting, always coming up with ideas. Recently I started attempting to put some of my thoughts into film and writing.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, making more things, and laying on the pouf.

I also write Momentum, a weekly newsletter for creatives who are juggling making a living and navigating the hazards of life. If you are looking for laughs, “wtf was this guy thinking” moments or life lessons - you'll feel at home. There’s no spam and it’s totally free. Wanna be the first subscriber?


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