Online Runway Calculator (ORC) Build Journal

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I plan, design and develop apps that are used by hundreds of people and make businesses quite a bit of money. I know what I am doing technically.

Despite all of this, and all my great ideas I have had in the past - I have never completed a personal project. I have started and dropped out of more projects than I can count. I am not sure why this is. I think it mostly has to do with shiny object syndrome. The other part probably is: I am afraid of failure.

All of this came to a head when Jason had an opening for a coaching slot - I jumped at the opportunity. His idea was that I need to build something small to start and get it done to prove to myself that I could do it. I took him up on his advice.

The Problem

I am not a numbers person. I also did not have any forecast setup for revenue for my creative business. I knew I had clients - but had no idea when they were paying me. Worse yet, I did not have an overview of when I would run out of money. What that ended up turning into was months where I was completely overbooked, and months where I would have no work. I needed

Enter ORC

ORC stands for Online Runway Calculator - super creative and original - I know.

The Build

What follows is a live-ish journal of what I did and what I am doing to (finally) complete and publish a personal project.


Wow... talk about falling off the wagon. I was supposed to finish this months ago. Just got back around to it a few days ago. I having been doing thinking to analyze my behavoir patterns and correct them. I started too many projects and never finished them. Trying to change that.

I outlined the landing page, and some rough copy - current state is here.

Im sure it will go through lots of changes - but I have learned its best to just start walking. You can refactor and fix things once you get feedback. You can see the slightly polished version on dribble here.

Plan is to finish the landing page copy and design tonight, then get it developed and uploaded to my personal site tomorrow.