Up and Running

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I basically wasted an entire day trying to deploy a fancy blog. First with one setup, then another, then a third - only to go back to the original setup. What did I learn?

There is no perfect time. There is only now.

So I am stopping where I am now. The blog works. That is all it needs to do right now. It is great how it is. The word are no longer in my mind - they are real, living, in a sense. I can write and the platform is not restrictive.

All that remains is to build upon the first block and go from there - step by step. I plan to reflect back on this day in a year and see what progres I have made.

Another tip - more often than not it doesnt make sense to reinvent the wheel. If there is a tool, tutorial or product that matches closely what you want - use it. Do not spend time trying to come up with your own version. You are only wasting time, and if you are honest with yourself, probably avoiding doing the original task to begin with.

- Edward